Pricing  2017


We offer a wide range of bespoke packages as we understand that each family has different needs and budgets. Therefore, by knowing our competitors rates within the local area and being a true Independent Funeral Director, we are not governed by price and are able to offer better value for money.

The 'Simplicity Funeral' is as it sounds. It is a basic package including all that is needed for a "no frills" funeral.


As with all funerals, there are two definitions of charges. Firstly, the Funeral Directors Fees

  • Administration
  • Liaising with all personnel
  • Advising on instructions regarding all funeral arrangements.


The other charges are known as Disbursements. These are payments made on behalf of a family once payment has been made to external personnel such as  

  • Crematorium
  • Cemetary Office
  • Doctors Fees (for cremation only)
  • Ministers Fee
  • Obituary in the Newspaper.


The 'Simplicity Funeral'


Funeral Directors Fees

Professional Service Fee -  £850.00

Foiled Oak Coffin        - £180.00

Black Motor Hearse    - £160.00

Small Posy Pad         - £26.00

Small Obituary           - £85.00



Wessex Vale Crematorium - £635.00 ( 9:00am or 9:30am only )

Doctors Fees - £164.00 (Cremation only)


Total £2.100